Rubicon Leadership Institute


Welcome to the Rubicon Leadership Institute!  Randy Means, JD (principal of RMA) and Deputy Chief Dean Goodwin (Ret.) have partnered to launch the Rubicon Leadership Institute (RLI) to create new leadership initiatives and resources which will benefit leaders and organizations within the public sector community. 

The name Rubicon was chosen for what it represents.  Rubicon is defined as a decision point that once made has no return.  Although the acceptance of becoming a formal leader within the organization can be voluntarily reversed, it rarely is, which means you have accepted the leadership challenge and crossed the Rubicon!

RLI was designed to create a space which offers full-service leadership development opportunities in the public sector community that are wholly dedicated to helping both leaders and organizations grow, develop, and successfully navigate critical challenges.  Our services are designed with that in mind and only that in mind.

From training opportunities for first line to command to organizational and leader assessments services, RLI is positioned to help public sector leaders and organizations at all levels. The team at RLI is remarkably talented and committed to you!  We are looking to be a change agent within the world of public safety with our highly interactive leadership training, engaging with you, and hitting head-on, the universal truths that drive great leadership. 

Lastly, we know one size does not fit all and delivering real value to you is our number one goal.  “Selling” you our services in not why we exist.  We exist to provide enduring value which will help you and your organization reach the goals you want to reach and set the stage for decades of success.

As the executive director and co-creator of the RLI, I pledge to you our best efforts and brightest minds in the world of leadership and public safety. If this sounds good to you, please take a moment to explore the training workshops and services we offer.  We want to stand with you as those who have walked in your shoes, and we want you to be extraordinarily successful in your leadership journey. 


                                                                                                                                 Best Regards-

                                                                                               Dean C. Goodwin

                                                                                                                                RLI Executive Director