Resources & Publications

Randy Means & Associates provides world-class training and consulting and these resources are designed to keep you current, growing, and well informed!

We Are committed to your success

The resources and publications we offer are designed to help you stay current with the most critical elements of your profession as well as provide you a chance to self-invest and grow.  We stand with you and for you! 

Legal updates

Written and/or vetted by Randy Means, JD himself!  Randy ensures that every legal update provides more than a summary of the finding and provides the implication of the finding on the work of law enforcement.  Relevant, timely and important to keeping you safe and well prepared to do what you do with excellence.  


The three books we offer are uniquely different and positioned to provide remarkable insights which are written by national experts in their field EACH using a lens of universal and fundamental truths which underpin the writing. The bonus……it is written by those who have committed their lives to the law enforcement profession. 


Bulletins are designed to be quarterly pages filled with golden nuggets of wisdom and practice. The content is vetted and varied to provide a broad swath of information which will positively influence your professional development.