The topics list below is not all-inclusive but generally reflects the subject areas we tend to approach in our brand of training.  We also build customized training to serve your wants and needs.  Just ask!  Our programs are typically rendered in 1 to 3 day sessions, again according to your wishes – for greater depth and breadth, or for shorter programs at correspondingly lower cost.

Also, many of our topics are multi-tiered – one version for line officers, another for first-line supervisors and mid-managers, the third for command staff (policy-makers). Each version is specifically oriented to the nature of the work of its target audience. Examples: Constitutional Policing, Bias Mitigation, Communication Skills. The first tier, for officers, is about real-time decision-making and associated specific behaviors.  The second tier focuses on assuring accountability to the standards created in the first-tier training.  The third tier, for command staff is about policy and systems to promote positive behavior in the performance arena being addressed.

A word about cost … Our live training is usually $3,500 (including airfare, hotel and other travel costs) for a first day of training and $2,500 for each successive day of training – lower priced because the main travel costs are already paid and because we apply discounts as you buy more training. In fact, if you commit to 10 days of training in a year, we apply significant additional discounts automatically. Last thought:  If you can’t afford the prices stated above, call us to discuss scaled projects and innovative ways to reduce your costs.  We want to serve you and will try hard to make our training work for you.  

Training Topics

Advanced Leadership Skills
Hot Topics for Police Administrators
Critical Thinking & Decision-Making
Constitutional Sound & Bias-Free Policing

Managing Police Ethics
Managing Police Discipline
Advanced Supervision & Management
Liability Prevention & Risk Management

Search & Seizure: Legal/Practical Issues
Interview & Interrogation: Best Practices
Maintaining an Organizational Just Culture
Improving Your Policy Manual
Internal Affairs Nuts & Bolts
Advanced Internal Affairs
Managing the Human Relations Function
Physical Readiness Programs & Standards

Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal Communication
Managing Police Personnel Administration
Advanced Forensic Interviewing
Cultural & Human Diversity
Criminal Interdiction for Patrol Officers
Managing Use of Force
Recruitment & Selection Methods
Managing Emergency Vehicle Operation
Effective Report Writing
Courtroom Testimony
Stress Management

Mental Toughness: Optimum Mindset
Supercharged Criminal Investigations
Strategic Planning for Senior Leadership

Data-Driven Policing
Avoiding Workplace Harassment
Community Policing