Risk and Liability Consulting 

Randy Means JD, a police risk management pioneer, provides consultant services for command staff members in key principles of risk management. RMA is well positioned to provide risk and liability management consulting as virtually every senior consultant has successfully performed in law enforcement at a command level. Randy and the team are expertly familiar with the risk and liabilities of leading within law enforcement organizations.

Risk and Liability Assessments: We comb through and scrutinize your agencies practices in high-risk and other key areas of liability exposure to identify your strengths and weakness, including the “soft spots” where you are most likely to be attacked. In addition to reviewing key directives, we typically conduct on-site work, including inspection of facilities and programs as well as interviews with agency personnel.

Specific Liability Assessments: You bring a problem to us, regardless of how complex and we help you solve it. We have been down these roads before many times. We know where they lead! We will work to get you on the right path and provide guidance in mitigating any risk or liability already in play. 

Statistical Analysis: Often (but not always) close study of certain statistical data in an agency can reveal problem areas of liability exposure and risk. We know the numbers!

Litigation Consulting: I have provided, mostly conversationally, litigation consulting services in hundreds of police cases in the course of my now long career. Many fine litigators are not experts in police practices and how they relate to liability defense theory. That’s where I come in.

We provide the following services:

  • Consultation on defense litigation strategies in general.
  • Recommendations on the handling of particular cases.
  • On-site work side-by-side with your lawyers.
  • Assistance in working with your liability insurance providers.

This stuff is not easy and not all lawyers understand it. This is what we do.

For more information, please contact us if you would like to discuss any matter related to risk and liability.  Please visit our services in this area and know that just because it is not listed does not mean we cannot help you. We can be reached info@randymeans.com or 302-757-5002. We will discuss how we might be able to help you.


Personnel Consulting

The hardest part, by far, of running a law enforcement agency is dealing effectively and fairly with our own employees. The law of employment practices and personnel administration is a thicket of potential pitfalls, a legal minefield. At RMA, we have decades of experience in navigating this shop of horrors.

Our services include:

  • Consulting on hiring practices in general as well as in specific situations.
  • Review of your personnel practices and recommendations for their improvement.
  • Help dealing with medical issues, light duty, secondary employment, etc.
  • Consulting on disciplinary matters and internal investigations.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any case. We can be reached info@randymeans.com or 302-757-5002. We will discuss how we might be able to help you.