Constitutional Policing …In the Era of Accountability




Category: E-Book – This 2023 e-book, delivered on a flash drive, contains 250+ pages of illuminating information on Constitutional Policing for field law enforcement officers and their leaders – with insights gained from a unique 44-year career of working fulltime with these mandatory professional standards and issues.

This book teaches what officers can and cannot do under the federal Constitution. Violations of constitutional rights can cause massive civil liability, evidence suppression in major cases, career devastation and even felony prosecutions of law enforcement officers. But these horrendous negatives are not the best reasons for officers to follow the Constitution. The best reason is the oath of office and preserving public trust in the legitimacy of police agencies and services.

This book brings to life specific legal concepts that every law enforcement officer must know in order to confidently navigate their way to constitutionally permissible conduct. Randy Means, the author, is a master of clarity, description, and situational examples that connect the dots between legal principles and real-life behaviors.


“Randy Means has provided professional services to more law enforcement agencies across America than anyone else I know of. Based on actual experience, he probably knows more about what American law enforcement actually does than any of the so-called ‘experts,’ academic or otherwise. His work is amazing.”

Reece Trimmer, J.D.
Harvard Law School Graduate, Law School Professor and
nearly 40-year full-time Police Legal Advisor

“Randy Means is a legal genius and innovator, which is readily apparent in his new book on Constitutional Policing. His decades of legal insight and leadership expertise are clearly evident. Randy continues to inspire and educate.”

Attorney Lyla Zeidan, J.D., 10 years a felony prosecutor for a large metropolitan jurisdiction, 10 more years as head of legal training for a large, regional law enforcement training center in the Washington, DC area. Nationally prominent in the field of constitutional policing.

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