Constitutional Policing Video Series




12 Videos approximately 15-minutes each on the Topics that Create Most of the Problems – Delivered via one flash drive with all 12 vignettes for in-house use only, but for all personnel. There will be periodic updating as required.

Each lecture/presentation/video/ is approximately 15 minutes in length and brings to life specific legal concepts that every law enforcement officer must know in order to confidently navigate their way to constitutionally permissible conduct. Randy Means, JD is a master of clarity, description, and situational examples that connect the dots between legal principles and what a LEO can and cannot do under the Constitution. Video length and subject matter are appropriate for Roll-Call training or remediation. Spotlighting includes arrest and detention, search and seizure, interview and interrogation, and other areas that cause criminal cases and civil lawsuits to be won and lost.

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