RMA Leadership Video Series




12 Videos approximately 15-minutes each. Delivered via one flash drive with all 12 vignettes for in-house use only, but for all personnel. There will be periodic updating as required.

Law enforcement leadership is a challenging combination of expertise in legal, organizational and behavioral principles. Randy Means’ Leadership Series is for emerging leaders, leaders in place and those looking to contribute at a different level within the agency.
This series draws from Randy’s military leadership training and experience, including service as executive officer (second in command) of a small combatant naval vessel, then from his nearly ten years of work as in-house counsel and member of its command staff and executive staff in a major city police department. Also, during that period, Randy supervised both sworn and civilian department members.

Perhaps most importantly, his now 40 years of learning from and teaching law enforcement leaders have given him incredible insight into organizational leadership and how it affects, for better and sometimes for worse, civil liability and other risk outcomes. He has trained more than a half-million law enforcement officials and tens of thousands of police leaders, including top people in some of the largest law enforcement organizations in America. Lessons learned are included.

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